How we got started

I made Wonder Wrist Wraps because I wanted cool/weird wraps to wear to my gym (where we lift heavy things very quickly in an olympic style but I can’t tell you the name of it for legal reasons), but you can wear them for MMA, yoga, HITT classes, or just to drive you’re car because they look so cool. They easily twist on and off, tighten and loosen, and the long tie tucks under itself to hold them in place. As an added bonus, they double as an awesome sweat band to wipe your soppy forehead or keep a solid grip on your 80lb kettlebells.
They’re 100% cotton, washable/dryable, double-enforced (which is a higher quality method than surging), and no – they won’t come apart. They aren’t antimicrobial but my grandfather didn’t seem to mind when his wrist wraps weren’t antimicrobial. He just washed his wrist wraps in vinegar.
Also his wrist wraps were pieces of fabric he ripped from the bottom of his pants that hadn’t been washed in a year except for when he waded into the river to catch salmon with his bare hands.
What you see is what you get in my store, and what you see is a LOT. I have piles and piles of fabric so my stock is constantly changing. The back fabric on the wrist wraps is always black unless you specify you’d prefer otherwise. If you have a specific front fabric you’d like for me to use that isn’t available in my store, push that fancy “create your own custom order” button and talk to me about it. Sports teams, your gym colors, animals prints…whatever your little heart desires.

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